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Saturday, December 1, 2012

[Recipe] Pottukadala Chutney

I wanted to make something for the Dosa, but was unsure what.. Couldnt make onion based as grandparents dont eat, so waited for gramma to return from temple visit.  Asked about chutney/thogayal options and she suggested making this with pottukadala..

What you need:
Pottukadala[broken roasted gram] - 1 cup
Thengai thuruvinadhu [grated Coconut] - 1/5cup [or more]
Puli [Tamarind]- a small ball [size of  the new Rs5 coin]
Pachai milagai [Green chilli]- 3
Ennai [Oil]- 1 tsp
Kadugu [Mustard seeds]- 1tsp
Broken uluthamparuppu [urad daal]- 1tsp
Uppu [Salt]- to taste
Thanni [water]- to grind

Poondu [garlic] -3 pods
Varutha Verkadala [roasted peanuts] - a handful

How to make:

1.In a pan do the tempering- add oil, mustard seeds and broken urad daal- let them splutter
Also add the green chillies, saute them slightly.
2.Remove the green chillies and add the other ingredients to it- pottukadala, coconut, tamarind, salt, and water [this is also when you add the garlic pods-no need to saute them]
3. grind to a paste [ texture depends on your preference, i like it a bit coarse]
4. Pour the tempering on top and serve

                                                Left- Garlic chutney and right is the plain one
Tastes yumm with Dosa, idli, poori, and even pongal.

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