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Monday, May 18, 2015

Global S’treats’ Food festival at The Kitchen, Raintree, Anna Salai

For someone who is crazy about travel, the Global S’treats’ Food festival at The Kitchen, Raintree, Anna Salai was like a culinary tour around the world in a few short hours..  

It began as I stepped into the hotel and was greeted by the live chaat counter near the entrance of The Kitchen. You order a plate of Bhel Puri or Dahi papdi chaat and waltz into the restaurant to be greeted by steaming hot Momos [veg & non veg]. There is also a pot with sticky rice, in case you are curious! Pop one or two in your plate, dribble some sauce on top and get ready to order up a Pesarettu in the next counter. It comes with onions and tomatoes and is served along side few different types of chutneys.

On the right was the beautifully laid out buffet, starting with soup [I had the veg soup which was light and quite nice], salads [some of the salads were wow, esp one with cheese topped with grape compote], the cheese and cherry tomato tossed in basil, and egg salad. There is also an array of olives, pickled onions, capers and few others as well.

As you walk along, there are the mains- Aloo pulao, steamed rice, quite a few options for main side dishes – lobia daal, dum aloo, plain daal, kadai sabzi, paneer gravy, sautéed veggies, a philo pastry with vegetable filling, a sautéed brinjal & tomato semi gravy which was really good and few others. The non-veg sides were on the other side, near the Shawarma counter.  When you reach the end of the counter, you are greeted by a burst of colours from the desserts- Mango gateaux, Tiramisu, Chocolate fudge, Jevvarisi payasam, Kheer, Baked yoghurt with blueberry compote, mango choux pastry with a fresh slice of mango on top and quite a few others as well. Oh and they had two amazing drinks as well – fruit punch and grape juice.

Oh wait, the tour isn’t over yet, stick with me for a few more minutes. Another right turn and you hit the Burger counter. Simple sliders with grilled chicken and veg options sit beside an Italian bread waiting to become a sandwich. And then there were the cheese on sticks, which were cooked in a sauce that was sweet and tangy [these tasted more like paneer sticks grilled lightly]. 

If these don’t fill you up, you can order up a Buritto or Taco in the Mexican stall or opt for a pasta or Risotto in the next counter [ risotto flavours were good but felt it was cooked little more than al dente]

Phew.. Now that was quite a trail, right? You have visited so many different countries, tried quite a few of their local street food and stuffed yourself till you can…

All this will have set you back by Rs1550[net].  So, if these had you drooling, you should head over to The Kitchen in Anna Salai Raintree before 23rd May and have a go at it~!

Disclaimer: The reviews posted on this blog are based on my personal experience. Also remember these were just my views!! Remember, no two palates are the same. Bon Appétit :-)

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