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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Home cooking - Bhindi Khadi, Millet rice and Mushroom curry

Gramma and I have been experimenting a lot these days, one such was Bhindi Khadi, millet rice and Mushroom curry that I made for lunch few weeks ago. 

The Bhindi khadi is from the net, have linked the recipe..

Millet rice was just normal process- cooked the millet in pressure cooker with tempering of mustard seeds, red chilli and some Asafoetida. 

Mushroom curry- 

1 packet button mushrooms - chopped up
1 Tomato- chopped up
Gharam masala- 1 tsp
  • In a pan, add the oil, salute the tomatoes and then add the mushrooms till they are well done.
  • Add salt towards the end along with graham masala powder
  • Cook for a few mins and serve hot! 

Since then, we have done quite a few new dishes, shall share them in the days to come... 

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