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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

[Recipe]- Mangalore Buns

It was Saturday afternoon, we had just finished lunch and I plopped on the sofa with my laptop to finish up some work. Turned on TV and began surfing channels when I stumbled upon a cookery show on Vijay TV... Few minutes in it struck me that this is the show gramma raves about. Cooking with Venkatesh Bhat. She has been raving about his recipes, and keeps writing them down promising to try some soon. 

As I opened Word to type a blog post, I heard the mention "Mangalore Buns". I looked up to see the Chef list out the ingredients and talk about how it is slightly sweet, which is why a spicy chutney was a perfect combo. 

I looked back to my computer screen to see a few links open, all on furniture and handmade designs...  My attention wavered back to the TV show and I noticed Chef put in two bananas with a spoon of sugar in the blender. I continued to type a post about latest trends, I heard Chef mention the recipe  also had yoghurt[1tbsp]  and maida[1-1.5cups], with a pinch of salt and cooking soda as well. Watching the show out of the corner of my eye, I continued typing, searching for images and saving them simultaneously. In a matter of minutes, he had kneaded the dough and it looked like the puri dough. 

Continuing to proof read, I saw Chef set the dough aside while he went about making the Chutney. He took coconut, Pottukadalai [Roasted Gram], Garlic pods, salt and blended them all with a spoon of water in the blender. I had to change a few words, they dint sit well in the closing para.. That is when I heard Chef talk about tempering- oil+mustard seeds+urad daal+ curry leaves and a  red chilli and serve the chutney up! [It sounded a lot like my favourite chutney, only difference was I add some tamarind to it]

Just as I was closing up the doc, I did a last round of spellcheck, I spotted Chef roll out the dough into small puri like circles, he did mention these need to be thicker than puri. He had also got the oil in the pan heating up. He mentioned the oil shouldn't be too hot, since we need to cook this on low flame and will take a few minutes. Otherwise the buns will turn dark brown outside but remain uncooked inside.  

The puris were plated up along with the chutney and Chef proceed to break open one showing us the empty pocket inside. It looked good.. *slurp*

That evening when gramma was wondering what to whip up for dinner, I quietly went to the kitchen and got the dough ready for the Mangalore Buns! Let it sit while I went and checked mails and finished a client call. Got back to complete the puris and they were amazing. For someone not very fond of bananas, this was delicious.  Instead of the chutney, we chose to eat it with a variety of pickles and thogayal... 

The Mangalore Buns fresh out of the pan..

Go on, give it a shot~!! But remember, it is all about guessing the proportions of the ingredients.. and don't add any water to the dough.. Damn, I still have some dough sitting in the fridge, maybe will do it again tonight... :-) 

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