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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Pizza Express, Colaba, Mumbai

We had walked from Kitab Khana to Gateway of India, spent about half hour there.. Wandered about the place, took photos and generally enjoyed the cool breeze and lazy afternoon.. As we headed back towards the VT station, we wanted to stop somewhere just to use the restroom. Walking past Danraj mahal, I spotted a cafe on the right, Pizza Express. Kinda liked the white and black colour theme running through the exterior and interior.. 

Decided to walk in and grab a coffee. An hour later, we had not only had coffees, used the rest room but had also indulged and had a plate of Dough balls with nutella [priced at Rs295]. When one of the staff came over to take our order, we enquired about this and he said it was like donuts, but just tiny dough balls freshly baked served with a generous bowlful of nutella.. Nutella is something I have had at friend's place with toast or pancakes, and love the rich nuttiness it carries. So we waited eagerly for this platter to arrive and boy oh boy, we loved it. The dough balls were warm, fresh from the oven and within minutes the plate had been polished off. Quite a generous portion, filling shared between the three of us.  Interestingly they also had Dough balls with dips [ pesto, garlic butter]

We saw quite a crowd in the place that Saturday afternoon and most were digging into a bowl of pasta or enjoying a slice of pizza.. Looked like a good place to spend a lazy afternoon at.. 

Walking out, we chatted some more as we made our way towards the bus stand near Fort area to head back to the station/destination.... What a beautiful afternoon that was!! 

The entire thing costed us about 700-800Rs... 

Pizza Express
Dhanraj Mahal, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Marg, Apollo Bandar, 
Colaba, Mumbai - 400001
Phone: 022 6656 2633

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